Hello everybody,

I am a student selected for GSoC 2011 in inkscape and have undertaken the CSS standardization project. I am currently converting libcroco to be in sync with inkscape's version of libcroco. Now I also have to deal with the tests already provided with libcroco. Test #(1-4) went perfectly, but in test #5 I have to modify the code so that it used the new libcroco function. In that test, initially there was xmlNode and xmlDoc from where we were getting data for instance in one function we had CRXMLNodePtr a_node = xmlDoc->children. But libXml has been removed and we do it some other way. This is what I need help in. May anybody please throw some light as to what do we use for initializing parameters for libcroco parsing as in what are the initial values of CRNodeIface and CRXMLNodePtr. Please help.


Abhishek Sharma