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2007/1/22, Bryce Harrington <bryce@...961...>:
On Tue, Aug 29, 2006 at 06:42:58PM +0100, Dale Harvey wrote:
> > Do we have an ejabberd server test setup? If not, we should as its the
> >most compliant and stable. I've contributed to this project in the past
> >and have experience with it...
> >
> I talked to aaron about this before, I really think we need a tested
> compliant server set up for testing, already having problems with gristle.
> wildfire or latest svn of ejabberd are the best candidates, but ill do more
> testing on both to make sure, the 2 issues are the roster order, and that
> stanzas are processed in order, neither of which gristle do

How do we stand as far as a test jabber server for inkboard?  I think
for 0.46 it would be a good goal to get the whiteboard feature much more
stable, and having a test server would probably be a big step towards

Would there be any major risks if we ran wildfire or ejabberd (or both)
off of  Do they consume excessive bandwidth or trigger any
stability problems in the kernel or apache?  I think we could easily
give inkboard developers accounts and sudo access on for
restarting the jabber server(s).

Also, on the topic of status - what plans are afoot for future
development work?  Are there tasks that others could assist with?


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