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On 28.09.2016 15:28, Krzysztof Kosiński wrote:
Oops nevermind, I did not notice the other thread. Looks like it allows you to do several things that are not possible in batch mode.
Yes, "verbs" does not have arguments and doesn't allow to process more than one svg file at once

Since this is practically a superset of batch mode, I think that can be removed in favor of your feature. However, please remove the -B short flag.
I'm not sure if it is good idea to remove "verbs" from command line. I think it can be useful in some cases.

Can you propose the better way to run inkscape with "xverbs"

Would you be OK with deprecating this feature if/when we have integrated Python or Lua scripting?
No problem here. However, python is better

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2016-09-28 1:20 GMT-07:00 Krzysztof Kosiński <>:
What is the advantage of this feature over the existing batch mode? 2016-09-27 0:07 GMT-07:00 Dmitry Zhulanov <dmitry.zhulanov@...400...>:
I'm going to merge in my "xverbs" branch which requires YAML. So it's still possible to guard all code behind a WITH_XVERBS if we cannot add that lib as a hard dependency, but in the current state of things yaml would become a hard dependency of inkscape. If anyone has any problems with that (compatibility on some platforms maybe?), please tell before the merge Best regards, Dmitry Zhulanov ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _______________________________________________ Inkscape-devel mailing list