On 07/06/2009 10:35 AM, LucaDC wrote:
I'd only warn about using ctrl alone as modifier as it's already in use to delete the guide.
You could end up in accidentally deleting the guide of which you want to move the origin.

Good point, I hadn't thought of that yet but I would have certainly run into this problem. Thanks!

1) We could distinguish between pressing ctrl before or after pressing the mouse button, but that's not very attractive.
2) We could leave the ctrl key for deleting, and do a constrained translation of the origin only when the guide is grabbed near its origin, and do a free translation of the guide when grabbing it elsewhere (and positioning the origin at the location where we release the mouse button).
3) We could find another way to easily delete guides and use ctrl for constrained translation. That's what most consistent because ctrl is used in
many cases already for constrained transformations. But I'm afraid that people already got used to ctrl-click deletion, so we will have to find a
_really_ good alternative if we want to get consensus on this.  What about pressing the delete key when already dragging? It's a bit more laborious than just ctrl-click, but it's close to being perfect IMHO. Any other suggestions?


Diederik van Lierop wrote:
A) when dragging with no modifiers we will move the origin to the pointer
location (freely, in 2D)
B) with ctrl we will have a constrained translation of the origin along
the guide
C) with shift we will rotate
D) with ctrl-shift we will rotate to increments of the absolute angle

and with A), B), and C) Inkscape will snap depending on the snapping

It looks like we're converging here, aren't we ;-) ? What do you think?


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