Okay, made an alternative set. If people like these samples, I'll make the changes to all other ogonek-containing characters.


I've used the guidelines I've found for doing so. Euphoria Script is a hybrid font anyway, but I'd like readability first, as I think the base characters contain enough visual flare to keep with the theme.



On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 5:26 PM, C R <cajhne@...400...> wrote:
These are my proposed shapes for ł, ą and ę. They may need some
tweaking to fit with the rest of the font, since I'm not a good type

Thanks Krzysztof, I like the ogoneks on the a, e, and E,
the A however, I'd prefer to stick with traditional ogonek off the right leg/foot of the A, in accordance with:

I'll work up an alternative for this one.

Thanks for your help!


The placement of ogonek on Ą is somewhat unorthodox, but it would be
natural to write this way by hand, and I think everyone will recognize
it. The loop in Ę may be a little too big. That being said, ą and ę
never occur at the start of a word, so Ą and Ę would only ever occur
in all-caps words, something we would absolutely never do in our

Best regards, Krzysztof

2015-10-05 12:37 GMT+02:00 C R <cajhne@...400...>:
> Thanks. I will make those improvements.
> -C
> On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 11:23 AM, Krzysztof Kosiński <tweenk.pl@...400...>
> wrote:
>> 2015-10-05 0:03 GMT+02:00 C R <cajhne@...400...>:
>> > I have not added any Russian characters, however I am happy to if
>> > someone
>> > can confirm the cursive version of Russian characters bear any at all
>> > resemblence to the english cursive characters. For example, is this
>> > chart
>> > fairly correct? :
>> >
>> > https://russianreport.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/cyrillic-alphabet-chart1.jpg
>> Yes, this looks correct. Note that the joins between а, е, etc. and л,
>> я and м are different than in Latin cursive script - the 'hook'
>> upwards on the left is preserved. I think Alexandre can provide a
>> sample.
>> > To test the extended version of the font with extended character set, it
>> > can
>> > be downloaded here:
>> >
>> > http://www.opendesignstudio.org/inkscape/EuphoriaScript-Regular_extended.zip
>> - The glyphs for "ł" and "Ł" are incorrect. The ł should have the
>> stroke on top of the letter, the Ł should have a horizontal stroke
>> through the middle like the pound sign.
>> http://www.twardoch.com/download/polishhowto/stroke.html
>> - Ą, ą, Ę, ę could also be improved. The extra stroke between the
>> letter and the hook should not be there, since those are not cedillas.
>> http://www.twardoch.com/download/polishhowto/ogonek.html
>> Best regards, Krzysztof