Maybe somebody could try to use openmp in all of the SVGFilters code, but I think that this would be too simple for your master thesis.
Indeed, it would be much better if somebody ported the filtering code to cairo, and then used it in inkscape. This would be a bit harder since it would be necessary to define a cairo API for filter effects.

But if you wish to work on inkscape related stuff in your master thesis, then I think that it should be something really hard. The first thing that I can think about is the process of porting the SPObject and all of its derived classes to C++

Also, another thing that is possibly hard enough for your thesis is implementing threading in Inkscape.


On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 1:57 PM, Dmitry <dmitry.jurasov@...400...> wrote:
Hello inkscape-devel,

My name is Dmitry, I'm a student from Russia. I'm interested in
developing your project and participating in next Summer of Code (2009).
I want to know about ideas, which I can take part in. And I'm going to
make this work to be my master thesis at University.

Best regards,
 Dmitry                          mailto:Dmitry.Jurasov@...400...

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