I upload mine to http://inkscape.chrismorgan.info/win32-builds/.  Also I use 7-Zip to compress the non-installer one, with LZMA\Ultra compression (much better than Zip or any other format), and produce builds like this (where 8899 is of course the revision number; we do actually get sane revision numbers with Bazaar, so that's a benefit of it over Git or, I think, Mercurial, which use random hex revision numbers):
inkscape-0.47+devel-r8899.7z: all files except gdb.exe, inkscape.dbg, inkview.dbg
inkscape-0.47+devel-r8899-debug.7z: gdb.exe, inkscape.dbg and inkview.dbg
Inkscape-0.47+devel-r8899.exe: compile packaging/win32/inkscape.nsi, but wait for a bit... I'm almost ready to commit some more work on the installer which will mean you don't need to change PRODUCT_VERSION in inkscape.nsi to change the version number.

I also just changed the default target for btool from dist-inkscape to dist-all, following the discussion around 0.47 release as to whether inkview should be included (I still think it should be a separate package, but the decision was made to keep it in so I've made it the default).

The mentions of modevia also remind me, ishmal or Aaron, could we please have MSVCR80.dll in devlibs, as msgfmt needs it (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/inkscape/+bug/394096)

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