As was told to me I went for the dt2doc and doc2dt functions to start my bug-traversal. These functions, as i found out , return a locally(object scope) stored Matrix namely _doc2dt and with a bit of searching i was able to figure out that _doc2dt is initialized by the class Scale defined in transforms.cpp. From there the Matrix constructor gets called; but what i also noticed was that, at implementation level the _doc2dt was not a matrix but an array of size 6 and if logically seen as matrix -> _doc2dt has 3x2 dimensions, so i didn't quite get as to how it can be an identity matrix, but still... i took the upper 2x2 portion of the matrix and changed to identity matrix, and to my surprise nothing happened, then i took the whole matrix as 3x3 and then converted it to identity matrix and then some changes were imparted. Like the white document windows instead of having '0' pointing to it, although the scale was still increasing in the same direction as earlier but the scaling had increased, we will see as to where to go on next from this event bottom instead had '0' pointing to the upper corner. 
But i should mention that first I set the _doc2dt calues only in the SP-Desktop class(by doing _doct2dt[0]=1 etc..) , but the 3x3 changes i did, was actually in the Geom:Scale where i changed the Matrix() operator values, so the visual changes appeared. When i restored those changes and did the identity matrix 3x3 thing only in the Sp-Desktop class then again i didn't see any changes.
   The changes which occurred, I have an idea as to why they popped(the Scale class must be used by other functionalities of codebase and i changed that one). But on changing things in the Sp-Desktop class why no affect was created, I am totally unaware.

So I hope I will get more guidance on it, apart from my own trying(I don't yet know the entire codebase and functionalities of different modules). Waiting for developer's response.

Thank You.

Abhishek Sharma
B-Tech Information Technology
Indian Institute of Information Technology(Amethi Campus)