Uhm, uhg, just uhg.

On Jan 19 2024, at 4:27 pm, Martin Owens <doctormo@geek-2.com> wrote:
1. Do you think we should move away from rocket chat? This is a
nominal question since I don't think we can administratively support it
going forwards, but we should know your thoughts anyway.

I think if we can't administratively support it, yes, of course. Sadly, I think we've spent a lot of time making it "home" which will all be lost.

2. Should we reverse engineer the rocket chat database in order to try
and keep the history? There are no known tools of retaining the history
and if we move to another chat system, our history will be wiped clean.
How is history important to you or the project?

Personally I don't see a lot of value in it. Worst case I have the logs that I've pulled off to make the PLC minutes. I think it may only grab rooms I'm in, but I can probably adjust that. I'm not sure it could be reimported anywhere, but I could put it somewhere if people were concerned about it. I'll just need to clean it up as it includes my DMs as well.

3. What replacement chat systems have you used with other projects
that you think might be a good fit for our use cases? (see below)

It seems that GNOME and KDE are both going down the Matrix route. I think Ubuntu is looking that way too. I think that has gotten much better since the last time we looked at it. SFC just set up an XMPP server. I was a bit surprised by that, but apparently XMPP is still alive in Europe.

I think we should also discuss how much hosting we want to do. I'm guessing (haven't asked) that the GNOME folks would let us put rooms on their server if we wanted. I believe their server is being run by EMS, who might be willing to make a deal for us as well. Also, do we want to have user accounts or make people get something like a federated login (like matrix.org for Matrix)?

4. Can you expand upon our use cases with the ways you current use, or know that our rocket chat is being used? (see below)

One thing that I'm not sure is a "use case" that I think we should discuss with this is retention. I think that data is becoming more of a liability so we should have some retention policy. I'm open on what it should be, but we should document it as we're switching to something new.

5. Any other comments?

Uhg, just uhg. I think I covered that earlier though.