The problem is not with "Convert CSS attributes to XML attributes" specifically, but with the "Create groups for similar attributes".  The exporter script is inserting a <g> inside a <text>, which is invalid and should not render in a conforming SVG implementation.  It's an error that Inkscape renders the nested <tspan>, although not one that would usually be a problem!  The exporter script either needs to use another <tspan> for the grouping or just skip grouping within a <text> element altogether.


On 25 October 2016 at 13:40, Stefan Tauner <tauner@...3436...> wrote:

I have tried to submit a bug report via launchpad multiple times during
the day but it seems to not like me today, thus I am submitting it via
the ML.

When I save an optimized .svg with the option "Convert CSS attributes
to XML attributes" enabled with Inkscape 0.91 (Ubuntu 16.04), any
application that I have tested but Inkscape do not display some parts
of an image with the resulting file. I managed to create a MWE that
should be handy enough for a successful analysis.

Attached you can find the original Inkscape .svg and two
optimized .svg files created with the CSS option turned on and off
respectively. When the option is off then all applications render the
dot fine, when it is on only Inkscape recognizes it.

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