2011/6/20 Aleksandar Kovač <alex.open.design@...400...>
Oh! that is a nice measurement tool! And so much easier to use!
Thanks for the work Mr. Sanches! This will come handy :)

From the human-computer interaction standpoint can I suggest 3 points?

- Putting 'font size' spinner box to 'tool properties'.
Rationale: Custom font size spinner is a convenient functionality, but probably will not be used so often to put it on the main screen. 'Tool properties' are only a double click away and easily accessible.

But we also do not have many things in the toolbar, so it doesnt really botter to have it there. If we ever add more things to the toolbar then we may consider moving the fontsize spin to tool properties. I think it will be used frequently because of readability of the measure labels versus length of segments being mesured.

- Adding the shortcut to the tooltip (see, for example, 'select and transform' tooltip)

good. I will do it!
- Improving visibility of the measurement text by removing the current text outline and putting a rectangular background. I don't know if you will be able to see the attached image... if not, you can see it with some additional explanation here (http://cuts.thinking-garment.com/273) too.

hmm... that's nice! I think I'll try it too.
Actually, it is very similar to the way Glyphs does it. (Glyphs is the proprietary font design tool in which I have seen a measure tool that inspired me to implement an equivalent tool in Inkscape)
Felipe Sanches