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On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 7:09 PM, Krzysztof KosiƄski <tweenk.pl@...400...> wrote:

Thanks for writing up a detailed explanation. But putting aside how Ubuntu

uses the system (after all it's a distribution, not a single project, so

emulating everything they do may not be the best choice), I think using "Fix

Committed" to mark bugs fixed in SVN and "Fix Released" to mark bugs fixed

in an official release would provide more information than not

distinguishing between those two, if someone can figure out how to exploit

the automatic "Fix Committed" -> "Fix Released" mechanism.

So, basically, this is a call for launchpad devs, not us. As soon as

they implement an easy way to see the stats of bugs in svn (i.e. not

committed) and to switch committed->released, we can change the way we

do it.

I'm very strongly in agreement with that.

Our current bug tracking is OK, but not great. Any improvement in workflows would be more than welcome.

I imagine that if the Launchpad devs get some precise workflow details of how things can be improved, then they will have a better chance at getting such improvements in.