Great, thanks for writing up minutes of this Martin! Nice to get some of the discussion that happens on video chats out those those who can't make them.
On May 23 2021, at 2:33 pm, Martin Owens <> wrote:
* The Developer team requests a General Administrator who can take
care of many of the organisational tasks which we currently struggle
to. This is deemed more important than any funding for specific

I think this is a good effort and assessment of where our problems are. I think the struggle we've had in the past is making it "big enough" to be a job while making it so that someone has that skillset. I felt when we mixed the admin and release management aspects that was great, but Bryce would probably be the only person who could do both. I'm excited to see what the committee is able to do with it.

* We would like to budget $5k on macOS speed problems; this is to be
spent on analysis first, and then solutions second. The whole developer
team recognises how dire the situation is with René specifically saying
that without a fix we should not release for macOS in the future.

I think that it is likely the first answer here is "port to GTK4" as they've entirely rewritten the OSX backend in GTK4, specifically targeting speed problems. There is also work on a Metal backend for GTK4.

* CMYK support; Tav would like this, developers feel it's not
important enough. A user study would be useful to know for sure.

I was thinking about this the other day and thinking that in general, this is an overhaul of color. We could at the same time reasonably add support for HDR as well (I think). While the print folks want CMYK and spot colors, the game asset folks want HDR. Curious if we could merge these into something we could fund raise on if we had a proposal? Having two major groups of folks interested would definitely help in that regard. Also, with HDR on it, curious if we couldn't do an Epic grant for it:

* ARM Machine for René; If we continue to develop macOS, René will
need one of the newer ARM based macOS machine which would be set up to
do CI builds. Improving the ability to check and build testing builds
for macOS.

While I'm all for buying HW developers need to do cool things, I don't think it is a good idea for people to have CI machines in their homes. They could live in Texas and not have power for a week (never could happen) or move or anything else. Better to have those in Data Centers. Perhaps we could separate those into two items? Also, for grants for HW needed to support features LinuxFund has money we can tap into, I know some folks there.

Also, on this topic I noticed that David Revoy did a review of a reasonably priced (for what it is) drawing tablet the other day: and their website lists GIMP/Krita but no Inkscape  Might be HW worth looking into.