On May 25, 2009, at 9:55 PM, Jon A. Cruz wrote:

Remember that KDE has it's own very nice SVG rendering. Recent  

versions of KDE have really jumped ahead in SVG use.  So given that  

the icon workflow is being tweaked to use librsvg through an external  

hook where possible will simultaneously open it up to support KDE's  

SVG rendering. Personally I'll be using it with three previews side- 

by-side: Inkscape internal, librsvg (for GNOME) and KDE.

Oh, sorry. I forgot Batik.

So my intention is to actually run with *four* previews side-by-side.

This is also one thing that has been desired by and discussed with many icon artists (including Jimmac and most of the tango people, KDE people and others)