Yes, I'll toss together a tutorial video of how to make a tutorial video. lol The main issue is that the screen-caster is not going to be the same for every OS, and some of them are teh ultrasuck to get working. I'll do one for Ubuntu+gnome-shell, using Blender 3D as the video compositor... or possibly just a cheap and cheerful tut in OpenShot, since it's much much easier to use for non-pro users.

For the "making of", it would be less a tutorial, and more an interview-style synopsis, I think (though I have a pretty sweet home-brew system that would look great on camera, and happens to be running Linux, for the authentic Open Source design experience). 
To make it a tutorial, it would wind up being a series, as there is a lot that goes into making all this stuff. :)

I like the idea of scripting the creation process to save our official video crew (and myself, eventually) some production time. I will have to put some thought into how that would work, but since all my graphics tools have Python interpreters built in, it should at least be possible. :)

Let me get the first video done this weekend, and we'll see what everyone thinks of it. 
Then we can see more about the rest. :)

I'm loving all the ideas, keep em coming!


On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 4:23 PM, John Cliff <john.cliff@...400...> wrote:

There's 106 here:

The ui might be out of date a bit but the concepts are still valid.

On 25 Aug 2015 14:54, "Martin Owens" <doctormo@...400...> wrote:
Dear developers,

I was reviewing inkscape on deviantArt and I noticed a theme:

Apart from the odd "I hate Inkscape" etc, there's a big need for
tutorials and most are interested in video tutorials.

This is probably something we should put together for the website.
Something coherent for users.

But I'm not exactly sure of the structure we should use. A competition?
Scouting for talent?

What do you think?

Best Regards, Martin Owens


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