Hi Jabier,

I agree... Currently the operation fails with "No Objects in the selection" when there clearly is something selected and it might confuse users.

What we need to consider: Right now when applying color (fill/stroke) to clones it does not do anything either, so for consistency we probably have to decide whether to

  1. automatically unlink and do whatever operation the user requests on the new copy
  2. modify the original
  3. do nothing (like now) and properly inform the user that the original needs to be modified (we do that for fill/stroke and offer the shortcut to select the original automatically)

or if this is even something that needs to be configurable...

That being said there's not much point in creating clones when one wants to modify them afterwards... (unless we decide on 2. above).


Am 24.10.2017 um 00:05 schrieb Jabier Arraiza:
Hi all.
I want to start a discussion to make convert to paths function and also
the stroke to paths works on use/clone elements.

The question:
Is a good idea? To me is the expected result from a user point of

Cheers, Jabier.

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