On 09/18/2009 08:47 PM, bulia byak wrote:
On 9/17/09, Diederik van Lierop <mail@...1689...> wrote:
 Thanks Tav, this once again confirms my suspicion that something is going
wrong with using 64 bits long long integers on a 32 bits OS, or more likely:
with the way I implemented it in libnr. This would also explain why I can't
reproduce this on my 64 bit Fedora machine.

I didn't see any problems with importing on Win XP, which I believe is
32-bit, but now I notice that when you begin to zoom out on a bitmap,
below 4% zoom it starts to shift left and/or randomly disappear. Sorry
for the oversight, I have backed out that patch now.

This one I was able to reproduce too, on a windows XP machine. Attached patch is an improved version of my previous patch and fixes this problem, let's hope that it also fixes the issues with images not being shown.