True. Though when I use a circle object to cut out a piece of a square, or other Boolean operation, import artwork from gimp, and add text,  these things are not so much "Drawing" in my mind. ;)

On 4 Sep 2015 7:07 pm, "Martin Owens" <doctormo@...400...> wrote:
On Fri, 2015-09-04 at 07:32 +0100, C R wrote:
> Yea, my thoughts exactly about using the font on the website as well.
> I do rather like "Draw Freely" though, to be honest, I do far more
> layout and construction of shapes than drawing. Likewise, I always
> wondered about "Illustrator" as the name of  Adobe's Inkscape
> alternative. Illustration is the least of what goes on in Illustrator,
> ihmo. Something more accurate might be "Design Free", though it
> doesn't have the playful nature of "Draw". So I recommend sticking
> with Draw Freely. Drawing is something everyone is familiar with, so
> there's a tactile connection that transcends the technical nature of
> software. It's a statement as much about the UX of Inkscape as it is
> about the freedom of creation, and the freedom of Inkscape as FOSS
> software.

There's more than one definition of 'draw' ;-) e.g. draw out, draw in,
draw up, draw breath, draw your guns, draw a card, draw the game.

So in Inkscape you're free to do any of those :-D