I tried your modified build with an NVidia Quadro 1000M on Windows 7 and it seemed okay to me.

> Le Jeudi 21 novembre 2013 9h09, Nicolas Dufour <nicoduf@...48...> a ?crit :
> I'm still investigating the issue, and just found out that the computers I
> used to reproduced the bug were all using an Intel GPU. Tests with an nvidia
> GeForce 210 (GT218) show no slowness at all.

Could some Windows users help me? I'd like to confirm the slowness only affects Intel graphics cards. Could you test a modified Inkscape binary (from ftp://download.tuxfamily.org/inkscape/inkscape-12282-cairo-, give your graphic card model and tell me if it's slow or not? IMHO it could be a blocker for 0.49 on Windows.