Hi all,
  Reporting back after some C++11 experience on Mac and Windows. C++11 is _great_,  but...

The C++11 support is pretty great on Mac (Mavericks, clang 3.3), but I did run into a compiler bug. Default argument error for std::map<...>. Not a huge problem, but an annoyance; it is fixed in clang 3.4, to be released soon.

The C++11 support is good, but with problems, on Windows (MinGW TDM GCC 4.8.1). Problems I ran into are: "std::stoi" is not available without modifying a MinGW header. No regexp support with the libstdc++ that comes with MinGW (big bummer, means I cannot run my code with GCC)

In short: let's wait with allowing C++11 dialect and revisit things in a few months, at least until after GCC 4.9 release.


On 21-11-2013 22:22, Johan Engelen wrote:
Hi all,
  Actually, I think we are safe when not using gcc 4.7.0 or 4.7.1. :-) But it was fixed in 4.7.2.

So, good news!
What compiler versions do people use? On Windows, Nicolas has managed to upgrade us almost to 4.8.1 (great work), just a few loose ends left.


On 8-11-2013 3:26, Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira wrote:
Em Qui, 2013-11-07 às 23:55 +0100, Johan Engelen escreveu:
I asked the Scribus guys what their plans are regarding C++11. They had not thought about it much, but I got a very interesting reply, that is relevant for us too. Please read below.

Indeed, all this info is interesting.

And unfortunately, it seems we will have to wait more to use C++11. I'll skip the changes (lambdas) that I wanted to introduce in libdepixelize and finish the features with as little spagheti code as possible. But I'll have to choose between (1) put related code closer or (2) add abstractions that avoid code duplication.

Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira

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