Hello Martin,

We should have a copy of the 2(two) last releases available for download. When I got stuck by a new bug then I tend to try with older versions. ...

S_uv mentioned a download statistics. Do we have that?

Regards, Adib.

Am Dienstag, 2. Juni 2015 schrieb su_v :
On 2015-05-31 23:59 (+0200), Martin Owens wrote:
> Dear Developers,
> Because of the thousands of downloads per week of old inkscape
> releases (mostly windows msi files) from the sourceforge account and
> because of our successful transition to using our own website with
> caching proxy fastly.
> I will be deleting all files from the SourceForge files folder in two
> weeks time (June 14th). Please make sure you have any and all files
> you wish to back up, and any downloads you want to make available for
> your platform available on the website.
> If there are any objections please raise them here and I won't go
> ahead with the proposed deletion.

It makes me sad to see such a large part of Inkscape's release history
(not just the files, but also the timeline, the statistics etc.)
completely purged so quickly (on short notice) and so easily (no

I tend towards objecting the mentioned 'each on his/her own' method
(grab them as long as you can) - this is about files going back as far
as Feb 2004. IMvHO all files of past releases should be archived by the
project itself, not by relying on individuals storing random (local)
copies as "backups". Either way all original upload dates, and past
download statistics (and the filters to access them) will be lost
entirely once the files have been deleted from the project's 'files'
folder at sf.net.

If SF continues its current track, I also wonder whether this action
won't backfire later on - as in serving as perfect argument for SF to
create their own “mirror” for Inkscape packages (based on
http://sourceforge.net/mirror/ ), and to enable the
"enhanced-installer-with-payload" wrapper for Windows and OS X downloads
at will, without the project having any control over the download links
and the files hosted in that “mirror”.

> This cleanup is mostly to reduce our online search footprint, reduce
> confusion with users and prevent users getting hold of old, obsolete
> or buggy versions of inkscape. (I've mentioned this cleanup before,
> but I wanted to be more proactive and state that I'll do it and take
> responsibility)
> Best Regards, Martin Owens
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