Looks nice!

Sorry if I sounded i bit short this morning - mailing from mobile can be a bit too succinct at times ;)

Hope this feat makes it into 0.93 I'd  really like to play around with it.

On 16 May 2016 21:28, "Daniel Bailey" <d@...3396...> wrote:
Thanks for the observations below, I hadn't spotted one of those bugs.

For those that requested it, I have thrown together a quick demo video here:

The bug with the circle looks odd, perhaps related to the use of a 'Z'
to close the path, I'll take a look at this.

I could hide some of the extra buttons in a new sub-menu next to the
"Make segments arcs" button (like the "Insert node" sub-menu in the same
That might help keep things tidy.


On 16/05/16 19:02, Daniel Bailey wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the quick replies and for being so welcoming.
> I'll start making a demo video right away.
> At least I have some time to neaten things up thanks to the feature
> freeze.
> I'll let you know when I have a demo video available.
> Thanks.
> Dan.

On 16/05/16 19:53, Tavmjong Bah wrote:
> On Mon, 2016-05-16 at 02:37 -0700, d@...233.....3396... wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've not contributed to inkscape before, this is my first time.
>> I have created a branch which supports editing elliptical arcs in
>> the node editor.
>> I'm new to bazaar (and inexperienced with launchpad) so I think I've
>> done the right thing with a merge request here:
>> https://code.launchpad.net/~danieljabailey/inkscape/arc_node_editor/+
>> merge/294742
>> (but thought I'd check by asking on this list.)
>> Is this an interesting feature?
> Definitely!
>> If so I can polish it up for merging into the main repo.
> Please do.
> The interface is a bit awkward but I don't have a better idea at this
> point. It would probably be useful to be able to fix the tangents at
> the nodes so the path is smooth at that point.
> I see a couple of bugs in my five minutes of playing with it:
> First one:
> 1. Draw a circle.
> 2. Convert to path (path consists of four arcs).
> 3. When adjusting one arc, the upper right arc is transformed into a
> straight line.
> Second one:
> Converting from arc to Bezier (clicking the curve button) either does
> not work or does not produce expected result of a Bezier that
> approximates an arc.
> Tav
>> Thanks.
>> Dan.

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