Hi all,

it seems the message of our move of issue tracking to GitLab is slowly spreading and we're seeing a steady flow of new reports in our inkscape/inkscape issue tracker on Gitlab (https://gitlab.com/inkscape/inkscape/issues).

As most of us had the opportunity to get some first-hand experience with the new issue tracking by now and with the amount of bugs still being manageable, it seems to be a good time to discuss and decide on some guidelines for this tracker, so we can make most efficient use of it.

Having worked with the tracker fo some time here's my list of items (in no particular order) that I feel need attention. Please add to it as needed and most importantly discuss, so we can find solutions that work well for all of us. (We can obviously break individual topics out into GitLab issues eventually, once we have set a rough direction).

Sorry for the long text (I hope you all read up to this ;-)), it certainly got longer than intended... I'm looking forward to your opinions, though!