Hi Martin,

Been a long time since I was active on here, so before I give my 2ps worth, good job on all the recent improvements everyone.

* I'd definitely support Tavs push for CMYK support, its got to be one of the most common questions we've had from users about capability for years. Its also one of the stumbling blocks to being more useful in serious print type jobs.
* on the M1 mac for René, that sounds like a good investment to me. Its not a massive cost, but it potentially unlocks a big improvement in our mac support. 



On Sun, May 23, 2021 at 8:33 PM Martin Owens <doctormo@geek-2.com> wrote:
Dear Developer team,

Thank you to everyone who made the developer meeting today; we talked a
lot about what the budget should look like from the developer team. I
have comprised the ideas here which I will be bringing to the next
board meeting to be held on June 4th 2021 (

Current items to be requested immediately:

 * The Developer team requests a General Administrator who can take
care of many of the organisational tasks which we currently struggle
to. This is deemed more important than any funding for specific
features. I'd like to invite everyone to join me for a meeting to flesh
out what this would look like, we'll use previous work as a base and
work from there. Please come to BigBlueButton next Sunday 30th May at
17:00UTC (https://inkscape.org/cals/event/25/) to make sure our
proposal is detailed enough.

 * We would like to budget $5k on macOS speed problems; this is to be
spent on analysis first, and then solutions second. The whole developer
team recognises how dire the situation is with René specifically saying
that without a fix we should not release for macOS in the future.

Future budget requests which we do not have a consensus for, or details
are missing:

  * CMYK support; Tav would like this, developers feel it's not
important enough. A user study would be useful to know for sure.
  * PathFinder; Taking over, or working with the Linux foundation for
their Rust based pathfinder is a great way to bring GPU rendering to
Inkscape. Marc is to contact the linux foundation and Linkmauve about
collaboration or taking over the project.
  * ARM Machine for René; If we continue to develop macOS, René will
need one of the newer ARM based macOS machine which would be set up to
do CI builds. Improving the ability to check and build testing builds
for macOS.

Thanks everyone for attending, we had quite a lot of the developer team
there today and a lot of students so I feel good that we got to see a
lot of different opinions. But let me know in this thread if you have
details to add, or can't make the above meeting and want to make sure
something is included.

Best Regards, Martin Owens
Developer Team Hat
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