To do that, Inkscape would either have to store change history inside the SVG file, or have some means of selecting two files at once.
To my knowledge, it has neither of those things, so it would probably not be a trivial thing to implement.

For your own reference, you could create a layer in your inkscape document called "changed" and fill that layer only with red-outlined polygons (rectangles would work in most instances), highlighting waht was changed since the last version of the file was opened. You'd have to do that manually.

It's also a question of what constitutes a "change" in the svg file. A relatively simple change in grouping/breaking apart/regrouping can almost completely re-write the svg file, and look nearly the same. :)

It would be interesting to know your use case though. How would this feature make your work easier?


On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 12:48 PM, Jason (spot) Brower <encompass@...400...> wrote:
I think it would be nice to have a diffing tool inside of Inkscape.
The idea is that we find areas that have change between two versions and it would visually hande a box around the idea showing what had changed.  Ideally as a lay that can be turned on and off.
I know my work would be better if there was a way to show what changed between versions without needing to look at the svg code itself.
Do you think this kind of thing could work?
Jason Brower

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