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Chris Morgan-10 wrote:
> Aren't we?  I was expecting that we would be.  It simplifies matters, and
> fits in with the plan of better organisation of the website, and makes
> information much easier to find (the main site doesn't really amount to
> anything at all - wiki.inkscape.org has all the content... search
> usability
> also comes to mind).
Please don't... MediaWiki is the only wiki software I know that doesn't do
silly things like AllLinksMustBeWikiWords,
Drupal has no such restrictions.  URLs are even neater in my opinion (e.g. wiki/setting-up-inkscape rather than wiki/Setting_up_Inkscape) through use of hyphens. 

has tons of useful features, 
Drupal has more!  Tell me anything that MediaWiki has or can do which you're not sure about whether Drupal can do - and I'll show how it can be done!

and almost everyone knows its syntax.
Personally I differ in opinion; some know it, but I think that HTML tags - with filters, of course - are easier to understand (because of their very verbosity which is why you get the MediaWiki syntax which is harder for beginners...).  However, if we really felt like it we could keep MediaWiki syntax.
Additionally, having a separate wiki
allows us to cleanly separate the "official" information on the website from
the "contributor area" on the wiki.
That's easy enough as well; you can have different access control rules, separate it with a URL prefix like "wiki/", in fact you can practically make Drupal behave like MediaWiki.

While we're at it, I have some gripes with the current wiki CSS. Perhaps
those problems could be fixed along with the site redesign.
1. The title of the page is not displayed at the top. It feels like
something very important is missing.
2. The font is too small. The correct size is the same as on Wikipedia -
it's both readable and small enough that a lot of text fits on a screen.
3. The header image at the top of content area takes up too much space,
especially on small monitors or toolbar-heavy browsers. It should be hidden
on the wiki, or put in the background.
These will be considered as we get to them.

Do you still have any other things about it which you think would be better if still separated?

-- Chris Morgan <chris.morganiser@...400...>

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