Like many other people using Inkscape on a Mac, I’ve had lots of problems with multi-monitor support through different versions of XQuartz and OS X. It’s still basically unusable if you have the “Displays have separate spaces” option enabled. I’ve commented on some of the XQuartz bugs, and raised issues with Apple in the hope that someday something might get fixed. The other day I received an update on one of the XQuartz bugs (included below). Is anyone else worried that a fundamental piece of the architecture for making Inkscape work on a Mac is pretty much unsupported now? I’m guessing that if there’s no one working on it things are just going to get worse as new versions of OS X roll out?


Lucian Holland
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#796: Mavericks spaces + XQuartz windows disappearing between monitors
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It's an issue in the interaction between OS X and XQuartz. It could
likely be solved in XQuartz (specifically in quartz-wm) if someone was
interested in working on that. If someone fixes it, I'll gladly pull a
fix into an XQuartz update, but as it is, there isn't really anyone
working on the product these days.

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