I participated is GSoC 2013 and wrote code for Inkscape. I was working in WIndows last year and sometime around December I decided to port my branch to Linux (Ubuntu 12.10 , in my case) . Strangely, I am caught up with this error, which doesn't trouble me at all in my Windows branch:

"ui/dialog/dialog-manager.o: In function `Inkscape::UI::Dialog::RecolorArtwork::getInstance()':
/home/arshdeep/Desktop/InkS-Repo/recolor/src/./ui/dialog/recolor-artwork.h:38: undefined reference to `Inkscape::UI::Dialog::RecolorArtwork::RecolorArtwork()'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
This happens only when I am associating a dialog box of the tool that I made last year thorugh the codeline:

" registerFactory("RecolorArtwork",      &create<RecolorArtwork,       FloatingBehavior>); " 

inside of dialog-manager.cpp.

The RecolorArtwork class is mirrored directly from FillAndStroke class and I can't pin point why this error crops up ? If someone can help , please do so.

Arshdeep Singh
Third Year, Computer Engineering
Delhi Technological University
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