Hello Martin,

I uploaded the inkscape pre4 compiled for windows here https://inkscape.org/en/gallery/5540/

Best regards, Adib.

On Wed, Dec 31, 2014 at 11:26 PM, Martin Owens <doctormo@...400...> wrote:
Hi Developers,

I'm going to try and be as verbose as possible about the procedure to
upload your own release to inkscape.org, I need you to perform this task
if you package any of our release packages because a) it's good practice
and b) packages will be signed with your gpg key and it'd be an odd
world where I could do that for you. :-)

Releasing on inkscape.org:

 1. Make sure you have a user account on inkscape.org
  - Go to https://inkscape.org and look in the top right of the page and
note your logged in status, use the links provided in the drop down to
log in or register an account.

 2. Make sure that your account has a big enough quota
  - Go to https://inkscape.org/user/ and hover over the "Upload Quota"
bar, you will only see 10MB if you are a normal user at this time. If
you do not see a 1GB quota then you need to contact a website admin (me)
to put you into the releases group with the larger quota.

 3. Make sure you have a public gpg key recorded.
  - Go to https://inkscape.org/user/edit/ and fill in the right boxes,
the GPG Public Key box is expecting a pasted public key (not private
key!) and hit submit when done.

 4. Make a folder for your releases in your 'InkSpace'.
  - Go to https://inkscape.org/gallery/new/ and fill in the name of the
folder you want to use. This folder is only for your own organisation
and won't be seen by users.

 5. Upload your released file
  - Go to https://inkscape.org/user/ and drag your file to the new
gallery folder created above. The upload may take some time but you
should be able to see a progress bar as it uploads. (if you don't have
javascript enabled, you can click on the folder and then click add and
follow the manual form)

 6. Enter all the details
  - Go into your folder and click on the newly uploaded item. It should
have a red border indicating it's not yet published (if you used the
drag+drop method)
  - Going into the editor section you should be able to fill in the
title for the released file.
  - Paste in the release notes into the description.
  - Select 'Releases' from the category drop down.
  - Attach the sig file from your detached.
  - Select 'GPLv2' from the Licenses drop down.
  - Check 'Mirror' checkbox (if you have this)
  - Check 'Visible' checkbox
  Submit this form.

 7. Verify and copy link
  - If everything's gone well you should now see your released file with
a green padlock indicating the gpg signature has been verified against
your account public key.
  - Download the release by clicking on the down-arrow icon. Confirm
it's the file you intended.
  - Copy this download link.

 8. Link from the downloads page.
  - For this step you will need CMS editor access or pass this task onto
a website editor and/or translator.
  - Edit the downloads pages for the right OS and update with the right
version, release and other details as you would want it to be presented
to users. Add the copied link into the right place.
  - Save /and/ then hit the blue publish button.

Congratulations, you've uploaded, released and published your release
file. Let the website administrator (me) know if you have any difficulty
with this process.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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