Yep, working on the sound effects. There will be a splat sound as the blob lands, and a springy-pop sound as the blob jumps. As the scene fades in from black (or possibly white), so the bouncing will fade in before you see the blob bounce onto the screen. When the blob slides, there will be a slipping, hiss and squeak to convey the friction of the blob coming to a rest. I'm also thinking of making the blob more droplet-like. Like an ink drop, which helps personify the ink-drop as a character, making it a little bit more than just a blob.

I will also play with the amplitude, and I think I agree about the looking both ways bit. It's playful and fun, but mainly serves to make the intro longer... which it doesn't really need to be. :)

Thanks for the input. I may also try moving the floor up just a hair. It's annoying that video players insist on pasting controls over the video content, but it's probably not going to change. Bringing it up a little probably will not hurt the animation.

If we like the inkdrop as a character/mascot, we can re-use it to introduce things, and add to the collection of Inkscape branding/artwork. Would be kind of fun to have the inkdrop do other things in the future. Maybe it falls through space, and the camera follows it down to fall into an inkscape-logo shaped glass or something, etc. not that we need to do that now, but to switch it up a bit as our collection grows, there are (lots) other fun possibilities. :)

Thanks one and all for the feedback. :)

On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 5:24 PM, Brynn <brynn@...3133...> wrote:
He's looking around?  I thought he was stretching himself out, to be shaped
more like the Inkscape logo.

If I were going to make any suggestion, it would be for more amplitude on
the bounces.  Would be more cartoony, to be more exaggerated.

Will there be audio on this part?  Nice "boing, boing, boing" sound?  Or
maybe "drip, drip, drip" sound?

Just a thought :-)
(Thanks for different format, and info for different player.)


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"I'd have the blob not look around and just go for the jump. The squashed
frame also looked a little odd to me, I'm not sure why but it was as if
the squashed version didn't match the blog version."

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