Am 28.02.2017 um 00:37 schrieb Yale Zhang:
I have a question about MSYS 2. It says it uses a POSIX emulation
layer just like Cygwin, but is that just for the build tools like bash
and not for the actual compiled programs? I looked at Eduard's
experimental binaries and there doesn't seem to be any cygwin runtime.
Good, so it seems MSYS 2 is basically a cygwin distribution with
gcc-mingw as its compiler. Not depending on a POSIX emulation layer is
good (Cygwin builds are usually slower than on native UNIX because
fork() is inefficient because there's no copy on write mechanism, and
I really didn't like the Cygwin style paths), but then it seems MSYS 2
will have to have 2 sets of libraries - one for the build platform
tools with the emulation layer and another set for the target platform
MSYS2 basically has two components:

You can look at the list of respective packages at

I actively build Inkscape for Windows but I've given up building on
Windows. I just treat it as an embedded system and use a MinGW cross
compiler that runs on GNU/Linux (host=x86_64-linux-gnu,
target=x86_64-w64-mingw32). > 5 years ago, I did use MSYS 1, but read
about and realized that running build scripts like autotools is quite
unreliable in MSYS 1 and Windows in general. I'm guessing MSYS 2 is a
lot better.
Yes, works almost flawless (e.g. recently build gcc without any issues).
The really nice part is that it uses pacman and makepkg which makes building extremely easy.

I do my Windows builds inside a VirtualBox VM, but you don't have to.
Windows 10 has a process level VM (not whole system, just like WINE)
that lets you run Linux binaries. I tried it a few months ago, but the
build speed is poor because of slow I/O.  I did need to build and
install a lot of packages for the cross compiler environment, so
maintenance could be a problem. But if there's a way to install MSYS 2
packages for the cross compiler to use, then I think it can be a
viable alternative to building on Windows with MSYS 2.
I have honestly no idea about the stuff you're talking here...

I know of at least 1 feature in GTK 3 that won't work in Windows XP. I
submitted a patch to support touch screens. They're debating whether
to bump the version requirement to Vista or keep it at XP and use
dynamic loading to call the touch screen functions.
From the bug I'm understanding your patch would even require Windows 7?


On Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 2:34 PM, Eduard Braun <eduard.braun2@...173...> wrote:
Am 26.02.2017 um 01:05 schrieb Eduard Braun:
My builds currently don't work on Windows XP. However I'm afraid this
has nothing to do with MSYS2.
Good news: I actually just confirmed that MSYS2 is not the problem!
I was able to build Inkscape 0.92.x r15394 with MSYS2 and the build is
working nicely on Windows XP.  This proves, that there's a compatibility
issue in gtk3 or one of its dependecies that prevents Inkscape trunk to
work on Windows XP (the 0.92.x build uses gtk2 if you're wondering).
If you want to try the build yourself you can download it at [1].

As I said before: I do not currently plan to use MSYS2 for builds of 0.92.x.
However if people think the updated library versions are something we
would want in Windows builds of the stable branch (especially the 32-bit
devlibs are quite dated and have some known issues) this test shows that
it would certainly be possible. If there's demand for it let me know, as
we should start testing early to rule out any regressions.



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