I just created a new wiki page to collect and structure all information which is necessary to provide InkScape with TechDrawing-plugin. This is just a starting point. This is just a skeleton, which needs to be extended. I even dont know the syntactical features of the wiki. I need to read the documentation to make the page more structured.

You can find the page here http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/Diagramming

I invite you all to help extending the wiki page with all kind of useful information, todo's and links:

-think about requirements: how the user interface should be, ...

-how to store diagrams, is a new file format needed?

-which are the cabalities of Visio? Look for youtube-videos which explain Visio

-for users which have a copy of Visio (just like me): play with the software to learn how it solves problems

-which kind of diagrams exist and which should be supported; which types of diagram Visio support

-include a feature to build new patterns and new templates for new diagram types?

-useful lybraries and algorithms which can help in various things: alignement of elements, coloring, ...

-...and so on

I hope lots of cool ideas and features will be included into the wiki page.

First we need to know exactly WHAT we want: goals, requirements, features, ...

Than we can go on and start to IMPLEMENT these new features etc.

I am sure we can create an amazing plugin.