Felipe, it seems that sent an unfinished message a couple of minutes earlier. Sorry about that!

- Putting 'font size' spinner box to 'tool properties'.

But we also do not have many things in the toolbar, so it doesnt really botter to have it there. If we ever add more things to the toolbar then we may consider moving the fontsize spin to tool properties. I think it will be used frequently because of readability of the measure labels versus length of segments being mesured.

You are right, not too many items on the tool properties bar at this moment.
I just wanted to suggest that moving a GUI element to it's place is maybe better to do earlier then later, when it's unavoidable. Especially now, when your tool is fresh ;) ...Moving later often causes "It was here, and now they moved it!" effect with the users :).
I feel this control should be in the tool properties, but it's only a feeling. I don't know what others think about it.

Thanks again!