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Fantastic news and great that the Identity is being protected from fraudulent association.

Thanks to the board!

On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 4:19 PM, Bryce Harrington <bryce@...961...> wrote:
Hi all,

One of the Inkscape Board's actions in 2013 was to establish a trademark
policy for the Inkscape name and logo.  With the Software Freedom
Conservancy's help we've completed the registration and documented under
the About menu item on the website:


The motivation for doing this was due to questions that kept cropping up
from people wanting to use it for legitimate purposes (e.g. using our
unmodified logo on merchandise), and from people noticing our trademark
used illegitimately (e.g. selling unrelated software using our name or
logo).  We wanted a policy that would provide clear guidance for all
these uses, that would be liberally permissive for non-commercial and
FOSS-friendly commercial uses, while prohibiting obviously fraudulent

Along with this, I've added a FAQ entry (below) with a brief summary.


== FAQ:  How are the Inkscape name and logo protected? ==

The Inkscape name is trademarked under U.S. Trademark Law, and held and
administered by the Software Freedom Conservancy.  Our policy is
available on the website, and describes the conditions under which you
can use our name and logo.  We've aimed to make our requirements
reasonable and friendly:  We want to avoid things like other groups
claiming to be or represent us when they don't, or to distribute our
software in ways that aren't consistent with our license.

The logo is similarly trademarked and covered by our trademark policy.
We're cool with people creating derivative works that help promote
Inkscape or make it fit in with a given user interface style, but we
don't want to see it abused by companies that might incorporate it into
their own logos.  For merchandising, you are welcomed to use our
unmodified logo; for anything else, please contact the Inkscape Board
for permission.

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