Sounds fine to me. Obviously we want to make sure that Inkscape's funding goes for all the things we've been discussing. Also be interested to see how this would change how Inkscape gets money. I guess it just wouldn't be called "donation" anymore. I'd like to make sure that Inkscape's compiled binaries are still available for free. We should do our fundraising other ways. If you can collect that info from Godot, I'd be very interested to know how they are going to go about doing this.

Thanks for looking into it, Martin!

On Wed, Aug 10, 2022 at 8:27 PM Martin Owens <> wrote:
Dear PLC & Devel,

This is an interesting bit of news. Godot, which is a member of the
Software freedom Conservancy, and one of their largest other projects
have had their leadership set up a for profit company called w4 games.
This is ostensibly to develop Godot further.

"Our mission is to strengthen the open source Godot ecosystem by
providing companies with the commercial products and services they
need." -

This is interesting to us here I believe. One of the conflicts I have
personally with the SFC is how constraining and limited the SFC are
for many of the things that would allow Inkscape to grow, invite
commercial partners, hire developers, pay mentors, fund marketing
research and design. Material things that we currently patch together
with very kind support for key volunteers, but should be more properly

Has anyone here had thoughts about developing a commercial company to
develop Inkscape?

I'm going to be reaching out to the new Godot business as well as a
few of their contacts to see what their thoughts are and see what I
can learn and if we can copy them.

Best Regards, Martin Owens
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