Hi Sebastian,

it should work *if* you install the correct package(s).

Dependencies of a package are usually listed in the ".PKGINFO" file, so that might be worth a look.

Relevant packages will be in

Once you tell us what the actual requirements for your extension are I can try to help you with the MSYS2-part. Usually it's pretty straightforward though once the former part is clear..

Best Regards,

Am 27.10.2017 um 11:36 schrieb Sebastian Kraft:

I have written an Inkscape extension (https://github.com/seebk/LaTeXText) that requires additional python modules (PyGObject). In previous Inkscape versions on windows, I could simply install the PyGObject module into the Inkscape/[...]/python/site-packages subfolder from the official PyGObject windows builds. However, since 0.92.2 it seems that the windows build and python version changed and is incompatible to the PyGObject windows builds.

What would be the recommended way to add modules to the Python distro bundled with Inkscape on windows?

I tried to use the python module from msys2/mingw64 but did not succeed. The import of gi fails, it misses some DLLs. Unfortunately, the error message does not give detailed information what exactly is missing.

Thanks for your help!


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