Hi Diederik,

i deleted the whole devlibs-repository and checked it out again. So i've now many folders in the include folder. ;)

Now i'm in a new building proces....

Thank's for your help.



Diederik van Lierop <mail@...1689...> hat am 26. Oktober 2009 um 14:14 geschrieben:

> Op Ma, 26 oktober, 2009 10:33, schreef mail@...2227...:
> > Hi,
> >
> > i get some errors while compiling the trunk sources for windows (devel
> > 22543).
> On my XP system at work everyhting still compiles just fine with latest
> revision. Just some random thoughts: Maybe something is wrong with your
> devlibs? Searching my devlibs directory I found that there are two copies
> of gtypes.h, one in C:\devlibs\include\glib-2.0\glib and one in
> C:\devlibs\include\poppler\goo. Is that also the case on your machine? Is
> everything going well when running mingwenv.bat
> Diederik