On May 17, 2009, at 10:22 PM, JiHO wrote:

So there is a common pattern (hence a common fix?). Overall, it seems  

that stock icons (i.e not Inkscape provided ones) scale, but Inkscape  

icons do not scale. I understand this since Inkscape icons used to be  

designed and rendered in a different way. However:

- I thought that recent changes to the icon handling would make  

Inkscape icons behave as the rest (this was tested with rev 21339 and  

I haven't seen any icon related changes in the svn log since, and with  

no custom configuration in .config/Inkscape)

- even if they do not behave as the rest, they should at least display  

at their maximum size when the GTK size it set higher that it (32 and  


Thanks in advance for any information on all this.


This is quite an interesting area. Krzysztof had made some changes without realizing all the implications of behavior for the different cases.

Some needed code has been restored, but the scaling behavior probably won't reappear until the hicolor contents are removed from the build. For testing, you can just find the hicolor directory that contains all the external icons and rename it to something else.

Not following sizing from the GTK+ theme settings is one key thing that the external icons are blocking.

The good news, however, is that the changes Krzysztof did included one that cleared the last bugs complicating external themes. So now all those files that are under "hicolor" can be dropped in to user directories or system ones as an external theme. So now these can be delivered independent of the official Inkscape release install.