I vote for year.month.

2011.08 or 11.08 are both fine. Personally, I prefer '2011.08' style since the digits '2011' are suggesting 'This is the year number!' so clearly.

year.month.... Like mentioned before, it makes users understand clearly what inkscape vintage they're using. Learn it once, and you're good to go recognizing Inkscape versions anywhere :)... from now on.
This scheme also works nice with the current naming of the nightlies (year-month-day).

Incremental numbers like 0.49, 4.9, etc. do not seem appropriate, since they are a imitation of the older commercial software version numbering where it was necessary to 'pack' stuff in distinctly 'new' products, and where production cycle goes hand in hand with marketing and product's market lifecycle. OSS does not have those constraints.

Confusing as hybrids tend to be. Neither time based nor version based. And, If I understand it correctly, can be somewhat redundantish since, if there is 2011.0.49, there could never be 2012.0.49. unless nothing is done for a whole year. Both orders have their own sequence, right?

On Sat, Jun 11, 2011 at 2:35 AM, Josh Andler <scislac@...400...> wrote:
Hey all,

Almost two years later and there has been no consensus. It is being brought up again due to a brief discussion with JonCruz via IRC. So, does anyone want to change from the leading 0 scheme at this point? Jon mentioned potential of 4.9 as opposed to 0.49, or the year/month method as Ubuntu uses for example, if 0.49 is released in Aug/Sept it would be 11.08/11.09. Bryce had also suggested a year/current system hybrid a couple years ago when last discussed, such as 2011.0.49 (which I guess I'd rather see something like that go more like 11.49).

So... thoughts on if we should do this? My vote? Yes... we need to have a solid leading number because that matters (psychologically) to a number of users. Besides, with Google & Mozilla incrementing version numbers in their software so quickly, it makes me feel less like we need to hold to a very developer oriented version numbering scheme. (come on, Thunderbird even flat out gets to skip a major digit, so that lessens the blow if we did do decimal bump for a 4.9 or whatever else imho)


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