One tool that seems to be aimed at this problem is Movable Python ( ).  Its a python distribution that requires no installation; it doesn't come with pyxml, but adding it wouldn't be difficult.  The minimal package, which is the one you'd probably want to use, is 4.0 mb (as compared to 10.4 for the regular win32 python installer).
I'm not advocating for or against python's inclusion, but if others want to do that, this is one solution that should be considered.

On 8/29/05, bulia byak <buliabyak@...972.....> wrote:
I'd like to revisit the issue of shipping Windows package with their
own Python/PyXML. By now I use Aaron's python extensions all the time,
they are immensely useful. Not as convenient as native solutions would
be, but still a lot of fun and an important part of my design work.
The current instructions page for Windows:

is way too scary for an average user. Python alone might be OK, but
PyXML on top of that is certainly too much. I think very few dedicated
users would venture into this.

So, what do you think about including a minimum Python/PyXML into the
Windows installer and enabling extensions by default? I think the file
size increase won't be intolerably big.

bulia byak
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