On 07/07/2009 12:33 AM, bulia byak wrote:
On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 4:48 PM, Diederik van Lierop<mail@...1689...> wrote:
1) We could distinguish between pressing ctrl before or after pressing the
mouse button, but that's not very attractive.
2) We could leave the ctrl key for deleting, and do a constrained
translation of the origin only when the guide is grabbed near its origin,
and do a free translation of the guide when grabbing it elsewhere (and
positioning the origin at the location where we release the mouse button).
3) We could find another way to easily delete guides and use ctrl for
constrained translation. That's what most consistent because ctrl is used in
many cases already for constrained transformations. But I'm afraid that
people already got used to ctrl-click deletion, so we will have to find a
_really_ good alternative if we want to get consensus on this.  What about
pressing the delete key when already dragging? It's a bit more laborious
than just ctrl-click, but it's close to being perfect IMHO. Any other

What's wrong with only constrained rotating with Ctrl+Shift, and
deleting with Ctrl? This is what we have in the code right now and it
works for me.

We should allow for free translation of the guide and constrained translation of its origin. Most logically the former should have no modifier key, whereas the latter should use the ctrl key because in many other case the ctrl-key is used for constraining already. But as you noticed the ctrl-key has already been assigned to deleting. On top of that, rotating the guide and translating the origin, which are two very different things, are both activated by shift, and the distinction between these two modes is in where you grab the guide. Once you're used to that it's OK, but it's not very straightforward. It's much cleaner to have it like this:

no modifiers for moving
shift for rotation
ctrl for constraining
delete for deleting

So we will end up like this
A) when dragging with no modifiers we will move the origin to the pointer location (freely, in 2D)
B) with ctrl we will have a constrained translation of the origin along the guide
C) with shift we will rotate
D) with ctrl-shift we will rotate to increments of the absolute angle
E) when pressing delete when hovering above a guide in the selector tool, or while dragging a guide, the guide will be deleted. We can even add a context menu as Luca suggested

If I remember correctly then this quick-deleting was not available in v0.46, or was it? We'd better change (or at least find consensus on either solution) now, before we hit the masses!