Sorry to chime in late. I think Blender has something similar going on with the Blender Institute B.V. (vs Blender Foundation), though I don't know all the tax status nuances of the two in the Netherlands.

I certainly wouldn't be opposed to a few developers getting together and forming a for-profit business, or for interested folks creating a training/support business, or many people doing these things. With contributors straddling many countries, I think it would be challenging to attempt to create just one business, but if the interest is there, then why not? The software license keeps Inkscape free, just like Nextcloud, WordPress, Linux, etc. which have symbiotic relationships with commercial entities.

What constraints are imposed on the project from its management by SFC as a non-profit? Can we provide any kind of official endorsement of such business(es)? What would we require in return for such an endorsement? Could such entities solve some of our organizational, promotional, development challenges and be contract by the project via SFC directly to do so?

I suspect that there will be concerns about how this could corrupt the project, namely by souring feelings among those who donate their time. That should certainly be considered because the project still functions primarily by the effort of those who are not paid (by the project at least). I don't see anything in our licensing that would prevent such businesses from forming though, though. I think getting in front of that possibility (and embracing the opportunity) by answering these questions and drafting guidelines on how to support such outside, for-profit entities, especially those that enhance the core mission of the project, would be a good idea.

Those are my initial thoughts. I'm interested to know what others think.


On 8/10/22 16:40, Nathan P. Johansen wrote:
I agree with Ted on this strategy. -NPJ

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On Aug 10, 2022, at 2:17 PM, Ted Gould <> wrote:

Personally I think the biggest opportunity for Inkscape there would be to provide "certified" builds for the educational market along with support services.
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