Hi Diederik,

thanks for this answer.
My devlibs-folder is probably corrupt. In the include folder is only one folder named Boost.

I deleted all stuff inside devlibs and checked it out again. But no chance th get these folders.
Could you give me your svn link to devlibs? maybe something is wrong with my repository.

Thanks for helping me.


Diederik van Lierop <mail@...1689...> hat am 26. Oktober 2009 um 14:14 geschrieben:

> Op Ma, 26 oktober, 2009 10:33, schreef mail@...2227...:
> > Hi,
> >
> > i get some errors while compiling the trunk sources for windows (devel
> > 22543).
> On my XP system at work everyhting still compiles just fine with latest
> revision. Just some random thoughts: Maybe something is wrong with your
> devlibs? Searching my devlibs directory I found that there are two copies
> of gtypes.h, one in C:\devlibs\include\glib-2.0\glib and one in
> C:\devlibs\include\poppler\goo. Is that also the case on your machine? Is
> everything going well when running mingwenv.bat
> Diederik