It could be more useful if more projects were following such rules. Personally I don't like when applications spam my homedir with additional directories. Right now, it's quiet easy for the user to check where templates should be placed (more info button in templates widget) so it's not a big problem. If we want to make templates creation process easier, maybe we should consider additional "Save as template.." button, which would work as a normal "Save" but with path set to templates dir? 

2013/8/28 Martin Owens <doctormo@...400...>

I was reviewing the templates work by Jan Darowski and it got me
thinking about the XDG spec; it has a provision for a
templates directory that we should be using instead of (or as well as)
~/.config/inkscape/ which is hidden from the user.

This only applies to FreeDesktops/XDG complient desktops. But it would
be useful.




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