I would also prefer not to have official tutorials/overviews be funded by adverts. It gets in the way of learning the tools, and looks less professional. We can include a message at the end with link to a donation page that would make a lot more than the few cents we get for annoying thousands of our users for Google's benefit, I think.

On 27 Aug 2015 10:22 pm, "C R" <cajhne@...400...> wrote:

I did do a feature-highlight video for the paths tool in GIMP some time ago. My mistake was calling it a tutorial. It's more of a tool overview, and some commented that it was too short. Watching it again, I'd have to agree. Lol:

That particular tool really needed more than 60seconds and... better music. ;)

60 seconds is something to shoot for, but different tools may require more or less time.

I'd also like to end each video with a chart of the tool hotkeys and modifiers as is at the very end of this GIMP tutorial, and a link in the video description to download the chart for practice/retention. I was rushing to cram this all into 60seconds as an experiment, but that hotkey chart should have probably gotten at least 5 seconds of screen time for people to be able to realise what it is and have the opportunity to pause and try them out.


On Thu, 2015-08-27 at 19:57 +0200, Christian Mandel wrote:
> > Let me get the first video done this weekend, and we'll see what
> everyone
> > thinks of it.
> > Then we can see more about the rest. :)
> Despite all the discussion of the longer tutorial on short tutorial
> making, the short tutorials are a great by themselves as well.

Yes I recommend getting the videos down to less than a minute for simple
features and 3 minutes max for more interesting things.

This adds some constraints to get to the point and restricts the tagents
that can so often happen when making video with a passion for teaching

Thoughts on limits?



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