Hey Brynn,

Given that Martin hadn't responded that I could see, I'm going based on the information that you provided.

I do not believe that moderators should have the ability to modify the content of a user's gallery post or their description. However, given your stated concern and rationale, the ability to disable hyperlinks needs to be a way to balance that as a reasonable form of moderation. IMHO, there should be a moderation flag to disable hyperlinks in all text URLs in the description via 1-click (force the entire description into plaintext if need be). It may seem overbearing to disable all hyperlinks in a description if one is spam, but realistically, if we have clear guidelines on what is considered spam, it shouldn't be a problem... plus a plaintext copy of the URLs will still be right there, so what they posted is unadulterated, just no magic hyperlink is created server-side.

Does that seem like it could be a reasonable solution? If anything, it seems like it might make it quicker/easier to moderate with a single-click rather than having to edit content. I'd be interested in people's thoughts.


On Tue, Jun 11, 2019 at 2:28 AM brynn <brynn@frii.com> wrote:
Hi Friends,
        Reference the 3 images uploaded by this member:

        The images appear to be made with Inkscape, but in my opinion, the links
in the description are spam.  As a moderator, I would like to be able to edit
the description (via Curate) and remove only the "www.".  In that way, the
description still tributes the inspiration for the images to that website (as
the member appears to intend), without having an active link to the website.
Breaking the link removes the spam.

        Martin and I have had an extended private discussion about this.  But he
disagrees with giving moderators the ability to edit the description.  He says
that we need to have a community discussion about it.

        I'll have to be honest and say that I don't understand his position, or
even really know exactly what his position is.  Even if I did, I wouldn't try to
represent it.  So he'll have to do that.  Our discussion ranged far and wide
over moderation subjects, but none of his arguments really hit home to me, as a
good reason not to allow moderators to edit (curate) the description.  So it
seems we've hit a stalemate.

        I'll be honest again and say that I'm not sure if the purpose of this
discussion is to repeat our discussion publicly, or just to get opinions on
curating the description.  Because a lot of his concerns seemed to be about
potentially overly aggressive moderation.  Or maybe it's both?  But I think I'm
a fair moderator and can train fair moderators, so I'm ready either way :-)

        Martin, I hope this is a fair introduction of the issue?

All best,

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