On 29 November 2014 at 20:51, the Adib <theadib@...400...> wrote:
I really would like to see the current releaseĀ  than discussing the next one.

However we should define if we focus on a time-based or feature-based release mechanism.
This is a very important point, IMO.
As I stated earlier Inkscape has an extremely long release cycle, which needs to be shortened. In order to reduce the time between two major releases I'd vote for a mainly time-based release cycle, because I believe that a feature-based cycle may cause long delays in case specific features may be harder to implement than initially thought.
This being said, it's good to predefine, which features should be tackled for an upcoming release before you start working on it. Though they should be deferred to the next release in case they take longer to implement than expected.

Again, I'm just an Inkscape user, but I'm talking from my experience as a Firebug Working Group member, where I learned that it's important to make regular releases.

On 1 December 2014 at 23:42, alvinpenner <penner@...1856...> wrote:
>> SVG units are defined by document height/width (defaults to "px" units)
and the viewbox numbers. From that information, Inkscape (and python
script inkex.py) calculates the SVG unit.

This is extremely confusing.

Detailed discussions about specific parts like this one should happen in separate threads, IMO.
The topic of this thread is to define the tasks to work on for 0.92+.

On 1 December 2014 at 18:36, Ryan Lerch <rlerch@...43...> wrote:
I'm definintely keen on digging into UX in inkscape further too, though
this might be suited for a new thread -- or a discussion in
#inkscape-devel :)
FWIW I can also help creating UI mockups (e.g. like the one in bug 1362061) and make suggestions to improve the UX.