Inkscape is so far from bug free at the moment that it's not even worth worrying about having the upgrade if just counting bugs. :)

Support for XP ended in 2015, which means there have not been security updates from Microsoft in nearly two years...

Unfortunately,  XP is not a good OS anymore, as a primary feature of a good OS is updates and support. It's dangerous to use closed source OSs past the support life, because the only company that has access to the code has stopped modifying it. 

Imho, we should not be encouraging XP users to stay on XP, or any OS that is no longer supported by the community, or by the software corporation whence it came.

This includes dead distros of Open Source OSs too, such as CrunchBang Linux, etc. We should encourage migration to other platforms, and the project focus on fixing bugs there.


On 27 Feb 2017 9:59 a.m., "LucaDC" <dicappello@...2144...> wrote:
C R wrote
> People stuck on XP must surely be used to new software not working on
> their
> old deprecated OS by now.

I agree, this is true.
But the problem with Inskcape is that its last 32 bit version is not
So IMO the point is not in new features (new software), but in at least
fixing what still needs to in the current 32 bit software.


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