regarding r12593 „C++ify calling a few SPLPEItem functions, much more work than expected... slowly slowly…”:
I don’t know what software you are using, with Eclipse my “optimized” workflow is as follows:
1. Move function declaration in the header file into the class, remove the first parameter
2. Go to the function definition in the cpp-file, right click and select “Open Call Hierarchy”
3. Add SPClass:: in front of the definition
4. Select the first parameter, press Shift+Alt+R and rename it to “this”
5. 6. Remove the first parameter, the function is c++ified
6. In the Call Hierarchy window go through the list and adjust the calls
7. Select any occurrence of the function, again Shift+Alt+R and rename it
But I agree that it’s a lot of boring, monotonous, repetitive work :) . It took me tons of coffee and some really long nightly sessions. Scripting this process isn’t that easy either. At least now I’ve got some deeper understanding of how the parts fit together… and how not to write code. There were some really nice code parts in these files, e. g. marker.cpp, parsing the viewbox attribute by moving around a char-pointer. This code appears 1:1 in sp-root.cpp ;) .