On Oct 27, 2008, at 5:59 PM, Krzysztof KosiƄski wrote:

bulia byak wrote:

Many bugs get fixed without ever being assigned to anyone.

Others get assigned and remain unfixed for years.

Problem 1: whoever sets Fix committed and is not the author of the fix

assigns the bug to Inkscape Bug Team.

Problem 2: discipline people so that they don't assign bugs they are not

actively working on to themselves, this is a bad practice in itself.

Number 2 there is not a good approach. I don't think I'm aware of any professional development that doesn't assign bugs.

The general workflow I've seen work well over and over is that many, if not all, bugs get assigned to the most appropriate person, counting any appropriate leveling.

However, the person with bugs assigned does not switch the status to "In Progress" until they actually start working on it.

some benefits:

If someone else has time and ability, they can grab the not-in-progress bug away from someone and work on it.

If someone just wants to help, they can *first* look at unassigned bugs.

If someone grabs a bug away from someone else, they know who to best ask for history, plan of attach, help, etc.